Hello Art Lover!
Make a work of art without lifting a brush.
@defenestratin Confusing though, because when I search Sloane and Hurley, I can't find your most recent artwork in the results. Huh.
Q1041WTQR Greensboro, NC
Blob-Like Intruders Infesting Pacific Coast
NormalGodfear yo bitch's crib
Can't hold hands with God if you're hand are on your dick
Screenshotting what I post and sending it to your group chat is hilarious.
jakederussooo Southern California
That feeling when your world falls apart right before trying to sleep
Willie Creek #FREEBOOK in #KU Get your FREE Kimberley adventure go to
lllexxiiizzz dodger stadium
@glamsamxo_ Your sooooooo gorgeous I wish one day I can hv your confidence & beauty 💞💞💞
Carmcida Detroit Baby, Florida Grown
Ya'll type in your @ name and search your tweets from when you first started your twitter 😂😭
ITR_Radio Ireland
Rory Gallagher Cross Me Off Your List - Now Playing
Xander_Hatt30 United States
@ricechrispyyy It's alright your one of the bests we can wait
@idoldisco your dream! sorry><;
@Cmichael312 Hey who are your favourite WWE Superstars?
smaridarah Void
I sometimes have a hard time expressing myself (lol right?) so when I ask you to listen to a song YOU LISTEN TO IT WITH YOUR HEART & SOUL ty
StrifeAiray Phoenix, Arizona
@Velocity_Rider I would totally be your Shiro! XD
PolyLibertarian Nowhere, Minnesota
"Is your type just 'willing?'" - .@chloflurries
_hooligan4l norcal ☀️🌲
@mckayaustin i love your hair so so much it's gonna look so fucking cute curly
MimiMarieT Cocoa, Florida
anytime i draw a character that isnt mine i have to like draw them 10 times til they look ok cause idk what im doing whats art?
EsaStatusUpdate Johannesburg
Delilah is Available for your ultimate pleasure and fantasy
EkuaAnim On the road so far
@Osman_Jd huh 😖, one of these days your will be shockprise
jordorobinson98 Johnstone, Scotland
That mental breakdown ye have looking in your wardrobe and drawers full a clothes yet you've got " fuck all tae wear " 🙃
VicFROOT Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid
Good luck tonight @sasha_velour You are a piece of art, FIERCE and amazing. #TeamSasha…
xiaozhuyang U.S.A
Running miles to lose weight? You’re wasting your time via @USATODAY
SargeHustle 〽️ightyWorld
People may hurt your heart, but God will heal your heart.
Told you imma be better and imma do it on my own, be me with then. As of now I'm only working on myself for you
@DobieWanKenobi @kate_culhane @AJentleson No telling how many Pearl Harbors have been AVOIDED bc people acted. Pls…
MarkDalgarno London & Cambridge, UK
@RailtonSteven @gdsteam Best of luck for your next role Steve. Onwards!
@ThomsonHolidays do you provide your little amenity bags both directions on long haul flights ??
@badgrlzozo @CupcakKe_rapper @asapdijah "Zoë i hate to break this to you but your white" is my new meme
urbanfoodfarmer Australia
@CharlesMBlow Pleeeze don't be discouraged, the democratic world is depending on your ability to keep fighting, and…
@drizzl33 sit yo small ass down. You lucky Im not there. Id beat tf out of your small arm ass... smh

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