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Were back in the Algarve this weekend as we take on the at Portimao Make sure youre following the official channels for the latest on our race weekend Find out more about the Cover Art

ScuderiaFerrari Maranello - Italy We're back in the Algarve this weekend as we take on the #PortugueseGP 🇵🇹 at Portimao 🙌 Make sure you’re following the official @ScuderiaFerrari channels for the latest on our race weekend 🏎 Find out more about the Cover Art ➡️ #essereFerrari 🔴 #F1 Scuderia Ferrari - The Official Page
PicsArtStudio Worldwide Speaking of album covers 😏 PicsArt is your all-in-one photo & video editing app 🤗📲 Follow us for tips on how to make your image, video, and fan edits pop! WE STAN. #MakeAwesome
ColleenDoran If your loved ones don't understand you, make art anyway, because through it you will find new loves who will love you back. New York Times Bestselling cartoonist and illustrator. Neil Gaiman's SNOW, GLASS, APPLES...THE CLOCK from Top Cow/Image. RT's/likes/follows are not endorsements
vesperidal 🖌️ Art Appreciation Thread! Rather than an artshare, I'd like to make a positivity share! Drop your SFW art below and I'll comment on as many as I can for next few hours. ⭐ SFW ART! ♥️ Like and RT! 🖌️ Tag other Artists! 💬 Comment nice things on others! Hobbyist Digital Artist - mostly Warcraft OC's He/Him Trans, Queer artist. M.E./Chronic Illness sufferer Relapse Roulette
xantinuhhh He’s a manly boss that can make my heart hurt beautifully. Also a farmer that planted an alluring seed with hazardous outcome. He was irresistible at introductory howbeit I wanna run away from him when I found out that he's a monstrous art. xiii
AWholeAshton @TobyBartels0 @OurHomeErebor @guynu @AssignedMale there is something VERY wrong with tracing photos of real children to make diaper kink art, fam YOUR WORDS ARE RAINDROPS IN MY OCEAN OF HATE COME, GIVE STIMULATION TO MY EXISTENCE, I AM NOT AFRAID, MY BLOOD IS HELLFIRE AND MY ANGER BURNS BRIGHT AND ETERNAL
evangelic_art 20 y/o Okay so break from talking about ateez because I just have to say something after seeing the new kd preview. We don't know what happened but please for the love of God if something did go wrong in one of the performances DO NOT make fun of the groups or use this against them. + She/her. Fan account? Art account? Fanart account? Who tf knows // Mostly posting/barking about ateez ~you have been warned~
FeatherFleeks The Astral Plane Hey everyone! I'm very very very behind with art. Sorry to everyone who's waiting for up to almost a year now. I spent my day to make a battle plan. I will finish every single last commisson until August. I have no excuses for all the delays, and can only hope for your Art Of Fleeks | She/Her | Derg Creator. Vector Art. DnD-DM. WOF Fangirl. #burdania Ptrn: Shop: FCKNZS
SpookieLettuce She/they? I tried to make him look like his in game art okay I tried LOL AYO I DRAW THINGS!! Moots feel free to say things to me lol. retweets and likes are much appreciated! I’m trying to learn how to do more fanart hehe.
akey_art 三重県 津市/フランス I couldn't make them shut up... Alexis Hoedemaker✍️ Writer/artist/translator. Pro dungeon explorer. PS2 aficionado. フランス生まれ育ち・翻訳家・WEB小説書いたりイラスト描いたりします
megamandrn001 @Cherryc26652551 @Num1Boyo @DustinTL I mean I have yet to see him tackle someone who you're not supposed to feel contempt and disgust for. You understand art is supposed to make you feel things, yeah? Mostly nobody. Voice of Marwood on Dark Ages.
_SourMelons_ hey welcome to my twitter, i make tons of sketches and am open to requests and commissions, i draw tons of manga style art and am currently working on a comic heres my newgrounds hers my kofi if u wanna support me and my art(: Val-ha11-a enthusiacst, Elphelt main. nsfw is @YeetboiartS . feel free to recommend characters and if you’d like to support me please check out my kofi ❤️
Hedgegi ⛈ Daydream daydream~ I've bought a ridiculous amount of things from Jetpens lately, so to make myself feel like these purchases are justified for art reasons, please look at these lil' buildings I've been drawing lately. We can't fix this for you, but we're here to give you support; May 2011; #TeamRocketPuff 🍃 4 bbys
Sweatever Sweateverland Happy to be (: not even anywhere just be.. y’all swear creativity difficult. Artists make.. art, right.. art.. couldn’t agree more. content much, yah. interested in you or your pursuits, nah #swtvr 🍍 One Piece Prophet 🙏🏿 On YouTube
loukillsmymindd she!her | 15 can someone give me ideas to make a logo or a brand name? i have to do one for art class and i dont know how to do it he — how can i? you're taking all the stupid with you @drksfilms
KATIEHAWTHORNE brighton berlin edinburgh @pikinyc It's well-known that BTS' fanbase have worked extremely hard to promote them "organically", because industry gatekeepers actively resisted them. The history & business decisions of their label is very interesting! That said - advertising also doesn't make art better or worse. louder than yours / researching performance & tech / freelance music words for the guardian, the skinny, crack & more (she/her)
SN_Joy48733 Kolkata, India @Obukowsky1 @msTianyi @bopinion I am not pro-Western Or pro-CCP. But it's true that China do not allow freedom to art and creativity. Chloe discovered her talent in US and made American films bcoz she can't make broader creative film like this in China due to govt cencorship. I believe in the power of music 🎤🎧 Like to explore music from cultures across the globe 🌎❤ Anime lover | Follower of Buddha
Nofuture_art @S3rb4nArt Also insecure people insist on using talent to make feel better about themselves. Talent exists to some degree, yes, usually dictates at what speed one person can learn a thing or two. I draw anime pin-ups / fanart, sometimes NSFW 🔞 Too weird to live, and too rare to die.
MagicSybille Cambridge, UK Support independent artists trying to make a living #art #artist #designer #DesignerResources #Resources Consider becoming a fan: The world is quickly becoming a nightmare and I can't seem to wake up. Disillusioned artist.

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