is love a follow from you rn it would cheer me up! So proud f how far you girls have came since you've been together🙊💙is love a follow from you rn it would cheer me up! So proud f how far you girls have came since you've been together🙊💙

UnionJ_AmazeMe (at 3/4 Union J 6/6 KingslandRd on Fri Aug 29 07:59:13 2014) @ThePowPowGirls is love a follow from you rn it would cheer me up! So proud f how far you girls have came since you've been together🙊💙
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wanabrarcom (at on Fri Aug 29 07:48:27 2014) @breadwoof Haha, I really understand your feels man. Yup I like it a lot. There is the Monogatari novel to know how far the anime series is.
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nikiserpanos (at on Fri Aug 29 07:31:59 2014) "All that was gold is rusting. How far we've gone. How far were going. It's the here and the now."

Ian_Dunn (at Glasgow on Fri Aug 29 07:31:01 2014) How acceptable it is to egg a politican depends on how far the egg has been thrown to hit them.
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O2 (at UK on Fri Aug 29 07:30:06 2014) @r1ch4rdy Oh okay. How far roughly do you have to travel out of the area for service to improve? Is it the same indoors and outdoors?
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ASKPERGERS (at Manchester England on Fri Aug 29 07:26:58 2014) How far back does #autism go in your family? How common is it for parents of dx children to have undx #autism?
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TeejayMcNamara (at adelaide on Fri Aug 29 07:24:30 2014) @EASPORTSFIFA how far off is it? Not familiar with timezones
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Adonising (at The Watchtower on Fri Aug 29 07:24:04 2014) "How is your day so far, chap?" He croaks out, he sounds like shit and he wouldn't deny it.
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gabrielarxna (at on Fri Aug 29 07:18:59 2014) @AvilaBobby how is it so far?

PronouncedKorea (at Lamp City on Fri Aug 29 07:18:25 2014) "@officialjaden: If A Cup Cake Falls From A Tree How Far Away Will It Be From Down. #Jupiter" drugs, the answer is drugs.
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captamericafans (at on Fri Aug 29 07:14:23 2014) At -- This is so far from okay. Like. It's not even funny how not okay this is. • • |#st...
How far is it? sarawak_twt (at Sarawak on Fri Aug 29 07:13:48 2014) .@creakyblurry yep. Require loads of effort at first tapi worth it in the end. How far good is the PIBG system in your (former) school?
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MoonSon007 (at Somewhere Comfortable on Fri Aug 29 07:11:17 2014) @taylormcclenny ayyeee that girl about to be cheering at all the games lol how far is it from the school
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lalalouiis (at *louisandharry af* on Fri Aug 29 07:09:38 2014) @Real_Liam_Payne to sum it up: I love you liam and I hope your day is amazing. I am very proud of how far you've come and wish you the best!
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Belen_Ariana (at Sacramento, Ca on Fri Aug 29 07:06:28 2014) #TeenWolf thinks it's clever but it's absurd. The key in a wine bottle is far fetched I know how we got there but it stil doesn't make sense
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hatorimatsuzaki (at shoujo hell on Fri Aug 29 07:05:15 2014) @5dollarsecrets how far is the anime going omg is there gonna be a second season or. I still wanna reread it tho
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VIPUniverse (at on Fri Aug 29 07:05:01 2014) Is there ever really a sole bias when it comes to TVXQ/JYJ cuz so far no luck for me. Teach me your ways wise ones. HOW?

McGettiganIrene (at Scotland ,Cumbernauld on Fri Aug 29 07:02:13 2014) New hospital food rules introduced @jamesmartinchef how did it take for them to listen to you, but is it far enough
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m_tchll (at Orono, Maine on Fri Aug 29 07:02:07 2014) There is real value in the ability to make it all seem easy. Competition would catch up quick if they were shown how far hard work takes you
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sunni_ceelite (at on Fri Aug 29 06:59:28 2014) I was gonna go to 711 but I remembered how far my car is and it's cold.
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richbitch456 (at germany on Fri Aug 29 06:59:02 2014) Hey Liam! Happy Birthday! How's your day so far? I hope it is awesome because you deserve an amazing birthday. Habe a great day! 💗🎉🎈
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Valsterr27 (at on Fri Aug 29 06:52:50 2014) @ccecyy it's in Pasadena and my parents are trippin over how far it is like damn can you jut let me have this opportunity please!?
chitabkitwek (at Nakuru on Fri Aug 29 06:50:48 2014) @kipmurkomen where is this? How far is it from the city?
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itscaseyann (at Cali on Fri Aug 29 06:48:49 2014) @itz_n1kk1 yeah I'm liking it so far 😄 lol how many seasons is there rn?
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CharlieJay95 (at on Fri Aug 29 06:43:07 2014) “@officialjaden: If A Cup Cake Falls From A Tree How Far Away Will It Be From Down. #Jupiter” This guy is high af
MissNatalieRene (at California ---562 & 323--- on Fri Aug 29 06:40:44 2014) @RobstenloveFan and my neighbor/childhood friend comments "is that how far he goes in?" And my mom saw it
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KuuTenko (at Naval Fox Base on Fri Aug 29 06:39:39 2014) @Neilikki how the fuck is that suspicious it's far less suspicious than fucking twitter
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Lancez_bell (at portkembla n.s.w Australia on Fri Aug 29 06:35:58 2014) Drones deliver parcels now, how high do they fly, and how far do they travel, is it a risk thieves will nock em out of the sky??? #drones
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MJosephSheppard (at on Fri Aug 29 06:27:57 2014) @SPMurphy67 @blakehounshell You ask "How far-fetched is it?" This far;"Ukraine demand EU military assistance as Russia invades"
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SweetInnocence0 (at Equestria, Ponyvile on Fri Aug 29 06:17:13 2014) @BowToZalgus @mlp___Rainbow oh that sounds interesting! How is it coming along so far?
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RyanLaurey (at San Diego/Arizona on Fri Aug 29 06:17:04 2014) @rlopo88 how far is it from pine valley
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_jaakebarnes (at Driffield, England on Fri Aug 29 06:15:49 2014) “@officialjaden: If A Cup Cake Falls From A Tree How Far Away Will It Be From Down. #Jupiter” think jaden is high af
AndyDranny (at on Fri Aug 29 06:12:58 2014) @joemfing_thomas how far is it
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Woahhhjacob (at Jacob+Nash on Fri Aug 29 06:10:48 2014) Jacobs come so far it's amazing how talented he is
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nikilyrics (at Seattle | San Francisco on Fri Aug 29 06:09:24 2014) Follow your dreams Until you know what it means To be happy But what you don't know Is how far I'll go To help you achieve them #nikilyrics
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MrPopRocks (at Being more human than human on Fri Aug 29 06:04:51 2014) How it feels when the remote is too far
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MommaHoneycutt (at Texas on Fri Aug 29 06:04:22 2014) @BB_Updates #BBAD Frankie is so far up Caleb it is ridiculous! #bb16 a wk of Caleb reminding everyone how great he is #makeMeSick
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cottonballuke (at | canada | on Fri Aug 29 05:59:02 2014) im seeing people take this calum thing too far. why're you making it worse? stop being so fucking selfish and think of how calum is feeling.
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SPMurphy67 (at on Fri Aug 29 05:58:08 2014) @MJosephSheppard @blakehounshell How far-fetched is it?

ittarikitari16 (at 東京の西のほう on Fri Aug 29 05:57:21 2014) How many act have we done so far? Is it possible to hit 40? We still have 3 more business days..
Luciantweets (at Oregon on Fri Aug 29 05:56:41 2014) “@officialjaden: If A Cup Cake Falls From A Tree How Far Away Will It Be From Down. #Jupiter” get me the drugs that this kid is on
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SaiSuhas (at India on Fri Aug 29 05:56:12 2014) @chvrkraju Sir please update about movie's progress! How is it so far?
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