Make a work of art without lifting a brush.

Felt pen on A5 paper

HMU if you'd like it. $15AUD inc postage

Hanging With The Trinity
Felt pen on A5 paper

HMU if you'd like it. $17AUD inc postage

Here is a link to a really nice documentary shot by . He was trying to capture the heart and spirit of folk . He commented that he hopes it inspires people to make art wherever they are .

Sketchy Sketch That Has No Right to be a Sketch
Elk Horn - Experiment
This is based on the elk horn from my mother-in-law's garden after she passed away. It's flourishing at our place.

Theme for the next batch of shit art

Edit: the people have spoken! Will now sit down to draw princesses - maybe with a hint of space.


If you ever wanted an artistic license (like ), well, here's your chance. Hallie Bateman has put the back in her online shop.

Forged in 3D fireOur industrial models are hot! Which one will you use to

The process of creativity is a circle - follow the spiral path and find the way to your art

Make Art

I've been trying my hand at

Work in progress. on a coffee sack. Will eventually be a wall hanging.

Youre not a product.

I took a few years off while working in india/china etc. And in those times had other things in evenings. But for most of my life Ive sung in choirs and/or rehearsed opera and/or theater multiple times a week. To the point where sitting at home when theres no rehearsal leaves me empty missing the SF Gay Mens Chorus tonight

Some commissions in progress.

Walking Into Your Next Existential Crisis - But Make It Fashion

Pencil on A5 paper

A Commuter's Communion
What if we communed
With each other
On our commute
And shared connection
However brief and
And acknowledged
Our shared humanity

Pencil on A5 paper

Old Couples
A life spoken
Not in a list of achievements
But in character and personality
And echoed in generations

Pencil on A5 paper

Feet may fail
On the surface
of the waters
Yet let me walk
Amongst the waves
To test my doubt
Against my faith

Pencil on A5 paper

Chances are
I'm falling
By the same chance
I'm getting up
Depends on how
You want
To look at it

Pencil on A5 paper

As a creative person, at some point you'll feel like a fish in dry air. You have an enormous sense that there's nothing wrong with you and you're a whole, capable being, but the medium you're existing in can't support your fins. The birds around you will look at you with pity, what a poor flattened thing gasping under its own weight. Find your medium. Fly.

At the end of last year I drew a colleague during an assembly. This year he put the drawing design into the laser burner machine thing and sent me a picture of it. I'll need to go via his desk to take a photo of me with it.
I really like how it turned out and to see the way the laser burns into the wood and leaves shadows

Sit With Me
Sit with me as you would sit with Job
Seven days and seven nights of silence
Torn hearts and ashen minds

Pencil on A5 paper

As promised, the result Neon Lon - acrylic on canvas - 50x70cm.
Interested Let me know!

From Left To Right
If we walk back towards the beginning, in the hope of restarting, we miss the chances to renew ourselves and rejoice in the rejuvenation
Pencil on A5 paper

Back to School
Felt pens on A5 paper

The start, or return, to school will produce myriad responses, opinions, perspectives, arguments, seating plans, lunch box worries and breaking in new school shoes with a minimum of blisters.

As a teacher, I'm doing the best I can within a system that has faults and flaws.

We should focus on building the community and the characters that inhabit it through knowledge of the world, how to navigate information, and how to develop ourselves.

Orchids II
Felt pen on A4 art paper

Reference for this orchid came from my own backyard. And I don't know the type of orchid. I do know it's not cymbidium nor phalaenopsis. It is possibly a dendrobium. I'm still a terrible gardener.

The past week or so I've been working on a new piece of artwork. The process is a bit convoluted because I'm figuring out the formal language and experimenting with techniques to achieve it.

Eventually this is meant to be a series of abstract uncomics works. Some early underpainting shown below, more progress pics to follow

Studio work today. Listening to The Levellers as I go. What are you up to

Felt pen on A4 art paper

Orchids are one of my favourite flowers, even though I am a terrible gardener.

How long you ask 8 hours.
Meditative and quieting. Next piece will be smaller.

I don't know if it's vibes, or because I've started going to physical therapy to get rid of some blockages that made my entire body feel like it was constrained for most of #2022 , but I'm starting to feel like not only has my blood started flowing better, but also my inspiration...

(Also, collection of test dummies - see profile pic - to come! But first, paycheck work!)

Finished Bernds Dystopia for berndvw6 . I knew the location, I knew what he wanted, I had it in my head. Love it when all comes together

Still life no.3 from 2017. (3/3).

Still life no.2 from 2017. (2/3)

In early 2017 I got a new cell phone that had a better camera. I was anxious to try it out and since I had never done anything that would be considered still life, I gathered some items together and snapped some shots. It was fun to try different things without concern of opinion. I should do more of it. (1/3)

of #2023

Lies travel faster than the truth - Thomas Shelby.
Arcylic on canvasboard, black wooden frame with a hint of gold. Quote carved out.

I Look Sideways To Make Sure I Am Going In The Right Direction

Felt pens on A5 paper

Here at The Drum and Page, like everywhere in the western world, we are about to turn the calendar over and start something new.
Except for the circumstances we are still in the midst of, trying to fold origami in a cyclone.
It does help to look around, find your location (usually the toilet paper ailse of Woolies), pick up your grocery basket and put a packet of Tim Tams in.
Whatever was this year, and whatever will be next year, will be. Put the kettle on and have a biscuit.

Cicada Shell
Felt pen on A4 paper

How it finished. How it started. How long it took to do.

I now have the back cover art for my chapbook, The Cicada Clock - Stories Then and Now.
The fiddly bit is now arranging all the stories and finishing a new one for the collection.

Based on an image from catherineevansauthor THANK YOU!

Lead Me To Where I Can Walk On Water
Felt pens on A5 paper
Pencil on A5 paper

Messing about with pencils in this interim space of time between calendar years.
Think I might disappear for a week or so.

The Dude


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