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Make a work of art without lifting a brush.
Chlo_e19 Plymouth
I will NEVER support communism, fuck you and your stupid ideals
Eccles9 Adelaide, Australia
@merkinabout That and I talk shit. I can't recall seeing your pussy before.
chaevisuals #형원 `°•. the clan 2.5
everyone should listen to sf9's easy love, i assure yall that your 3:29 mins wouldn't go to waste
BoundByContract Phantomhive Manor, London
The reason I'm doing this right now is down to my own wishes and choices. I do not regret it nor do I wish to be indulged out of pity.
KariW0011 Tennessee, USA
@esglaude Telling us something we already know doesn't fix it. Use your voice on the streets with @SenSanders…
#100ThingsGrandmothersSay Your mother is a witch😂
I miss hearing your voice
"Embrace your imperfections." I so love this new video of @notvivoree 😍😊💓
The inside stories of the Clinton campaign are dark as hell · Great Job, Internet! · The A.V. Club - - ART OF ZOO
ClashofClans The Town Hall
🌟 Heal your Troops to keep them in the fight! Healing Spell discount event is on! 🌟
iamleareyes Purgatory
"you are the cause of your own destruction." -uhm not all the time ??
deen_ky The Other Room
3 things will increase your intellect: sitting with the scholars, sitting with righteous people, and leaving speech that doesn’t concern you
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Scorpio4reel Phoenix, AZ
Brings out your best . . . . Amazing!
“To build and sustain a great culture live your values and value your people.” - @JonGordon11 Get after IT today!!!
groovemusically NYC
How to Get People Wanting to Hear Your Music
eve2i6ilin New York, USA
Hone your Homing instincts, trending autumn days and ways.
ComradeTheBear The Gaping Infinite Blackness
All these arseholes on this show talking about how much property they own. Greedy, hateful shits. Vampires.
Heavenlyacid In your girlfriend's bed
Don't you ever tame your demons
Cruise addicts: Our tip will save you thousands
MujibMuhtadi Glasgow, Scotland
@TIME Forget all the shooting, explosions and all out massacre that is happening at the front lines LETS SACRIFICE…
KeithEverettBiz ⬇ 30 Minutes a Day = $234.08?
📌 The BRUTAL Truth!! - 6 Brutal Truths That Could Change Your Life Forever
awaketrack L:^) D! s j³
🔘 Track #2: Yellow by Coldplay / this song describes your love for your man, jimin / @jmnfanclub “do you know i…
Make your Own Art.
BrighterSoft Luton
5 Things Your Startup Needs to Do After Launching a Website | #Startup #Website
Wests Tigers to their fans: Please stop booing your captain Aaron Woods
tom_mcghee England
@therealmrbenn @joelgolby @s Oh confused would we? My The Flumps version was perfect, you ruined it with your false correction.
AbdulkrimAlusf موطن اجدادي(شمر_حائل_جبة)
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mortgagecalc10 California, USA
Documents Needed to Refinance Your Home - Joe Bladek, Mortgage Broker #Mortgage,#Refinance,#Loan
obiedigital Gaborone
Get $40 off your first adventure!
Pitso_RSA Johannesburg, South Africa
#NyweNywe I don't date securities but your father is unemployed he doesn't qualify to be that security

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